coast-to-coast Vancouver Island?

Has anyone heard of such a route? Or do we need to pioneer one?

I’m looking at walking up to the Mt. Washington Ski Resort chair lift (marked A on map), then hiking across Strathcona Provincial Park to Hot Springs Cove via Della Falls.

After a good soak, we’d exit via private transport to Tofino.

Is this crazy?

Please tell me I’m crazy.

This line would necessitate, likely, a lot of bush whacking. (At least there are no trails marked on my Backroad Mapbook – Vancouver Island west of Strathcona Provincial Park.

I even considered carrying a light inflatable raft in case floating is easier than bush whacking.

Suggestions? (Leave a comment below.)

4 Replies to “coast-to-coast Vancouver Island?”

  1. What a great concept! All these areas are very popular. I have enjoyed Strathcona and areas around Tofino. Linking them up…across island… I like the idea, but the bushwacking would not be fun?
    “Summit-Stones” at

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