Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, Canada

The reputation is that the Juan de Fuca is easy compared with the longer West Coast Trail. Not so. It is just as challenging though in different ways. (It’s even more important to hike at low tide on Juan de Fuca.)

A personal, detailed and honest account of a physically challenging adventure, Mike Rocheleau posted this travelogue and excellent photos:

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail – September 2006

They spotted a bear a one point but had even more trouble bear-proofing the food at night:

We chose the risky course of wrapping our two food bags in two garbage bags, putting them alone in one of our packs and then wrapping that pack in the tarp. We covered the tarp in large rocks so if a raccoon or something disturbed it we might know before it was too late.

I’ve had to resort to that strategy in the past. You normally don’t sleep well wondering what animals are getting into your grub.

Luckily, the food was untouched next morning. (Note to self: research the new Ursack system to prevent this problem in future.)

In any case, Mike and his partner survived Juan de Fuca. They are even considering the West Coast Trail for next summer.

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is 47km (29mi) on the west coast of Vancouver Island close to Victoria. We recommend 5 days, 4 nights on the trail for an optimal experience. But you can easily vary the route for shorter hikes, if you are short on time.


3 Replies to “Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, Canada”

  1. I have not yet hiked the Juan de Fuco trail but I did do the west coast trail. I’ve wanted to go back and do the WCT again, but after seeing your blog, I am reminded of my earlier plan to hike it before re-doing the WCT. Thanks for reminding me of this goal.

  2. I’ve done the West Coast Trail and the Juan de Fuca several times, but I’m hoping to do them back to back this summer or next. The hardest part will be resisting the temptation to bail out in Port Renfrew, especially if the weather is poor.

    Thanks for the photos, happy trails!

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