introducing Tom Mangan – hiking blogger

He hikes. He blogs.

me2.jpgMy new friend Tom Mangan is IMHO the top hiking blogger on the internet. (He must browse more RSS hiking feeds than anyone else.)

Tom’s one of the original bloggers, posting long before the word “blog” had been coined. Yet he is a relatively recent devotee of hiking. (Disclosure – I only got serious in 1999 myself.)

What I like about his Two-Heel Drive hiking blog is the balanced content. Unlike most blogs, including this one, Tom does not focus on the extreme, the sensational, the “best” — but rather covers everything hiking. He tries to get to know regular hikers as people. And he points out the positive.

Very refreshing.

Thanks Tom for motivating me to do a better job with this blog. I know you have had a similar energizing effect on dozens, perhaps hundreds of others out there.

Keep it up!

Why are we blogging?

* To pass along interesting stuff we find online …

* To document the fact that we experienced life on earth (And to have our names come up first when we google them.)

* To share our expertise and knowledge.

* To create something original.

Why are we blogging? – Two-Heel Drive

2 Replies to “introducing Tom Mangan – hiking blogger”

  1. I think the google thing is the most important. It’s not that I’m a megalomaniac, but yes, oneday I’d like to rule all of the Tom Chandler metropolis.

    Never mind that Wally the Wonderdog googles much higher than I do. I’ll get there someday, I know it.

    And – oh yeah. Tom’s a very fun guy.

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