To date this very busy site has 78 hiking articles posted on their INFO page.


(There is no RSS feed so you need to check the site manually.)

One article we particularly like explains Coasteering – Coastal Hiking and Climbing”.

We have been coastal hiking for years and had never heard that term used before. It’s a variation of “canyoneering”:

Coasteering is all about being able to cross whatever the coastline can throw at you. …

Besides sandy beaches and dunes, you should be prepared to cross rocks, estuaries, and lagoons. …

Coasteering has the same added dangers of slippery footwear and the danger of Hypothermia that come with Canyoneering. Added challenges are the tides, currents, waves, and constantly changing water levels. Make sure to check with locals for the weather conditions, tidal situations, and possible riptides. If you are swept away by a current, remain calm and swim perpendicular to the current until you are clear from its force. Even marine life can pose an added danger. Weeds can make rock surfaces very slippery so take extra care.

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