Fundy Trail Footpath, New Brunswick

We would love to add this magnificent coastal hike to our list of the best hikes in the world. After all, the Bay of Fundy may have the highest tides in the world!

But the Fundy Trail is not ready — yet.

There is no public transport to any trailhead. Tourism New Brunswick is not promoting the trail actively.

EastLink Door-to-Door ShuttleExpress does offer private, charter transportation from Moncton to the trailhead and back. Contact them for a quote.


But if you want to get in on a future “best hike in the world” early, check the official website:

The Fundy Trail Footpath at Fundy Trail Parkway St. Martin’s New Brunswick

Trail Description:

… Big Salmon River to the boundaries of Fundy National Park, a total distance of 41km (24mi). The rugged Fundy terrain leads up and down from an elevation of 0 to 300 metres across a dozen ravines.

The recommended travel time for experienced backpackers is estimated 4 to 5 days.

We ask if you could register by calling the Interpretive Centre at Big Salmon River 506 833-2019; fax 506 833-2028 or email

Fundy Footpath Map Kits and Emergency Maps with GPS co-ordinates are available at the Interpretive Centre on the Fundy Trail or by ordering from Friends of the Fundy Footpath, 24 Cherry Court, Riverview, NB E1B 4K2 or email The cost of the maps are $12.00 plus tax ($2 for shipping if ordering by mail).

… The campsites are primitive, water treatment is necessary, fires are not permitted, and a backpacker stove is recommended.

… the Goose River presently can only be crossed at low tide. This is a wilderness trail and at certain points there are no residences within 15 miles. Cellular phones will not work in all areas, …

Access Points:

> Western Portion – Big Salmon River on the Fundy Trail

> Eastern Portion – Fundy National Park

> Central – Sussex-Waterford – trail is accessed by secondary and wood roads via the Catamount Trail

Video (.wmv) of the Fundy Trail area.

2 Replies to “Fundy Trail Footpath, New Brunswick”

  1. Thanks man! i am very happy to see these pictures which were taken in New Brunswick. it was a wonderful trip!!!!. i am going to send you some picture as well. see you sometime in the world. ^^

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