Tamarack Trail, Canada

Lucas Rojek has a great adventure in mind. It’s a very challenging variation on one of our favourite hikes — the Tamarack Trail in Waterton National Park, Alberta:

Our plan is to follow the standard trail (Rowe Lakes up to Lineham ridge) then drop into the Lineham Lakes, set up camp and if we still have the legs scramble back up again and do Hawkins Horseshoe. That’s day 1. Day 2 we scramble out and continue on Tamarack to Twin Lakes. I expect that to be a very long day. Day 3 we plan to hit Avion Ridge to Goat Lake. Day 4 we hike out from Goat Lake to Red Rock canyon parking lot.

Good luck Lucas! If you survive the off-trail scramble down to Lineham Lakes, the Avion Ridge should be a breeze.

view down to the lake from atop Lineham Ridge – RMRA trip report photos

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