scrambling Storm mountain

Rated as “moderate” in Alan Kane’s Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies — we had a particularly gruelling day. Alan’s trip description is very confusing.

UPDATE – Dave Stephens has posted a trip report which will help you decide on the best route.

Dave’s goal is to scramble every mountain in Kane’s book.

Lesson learned? Bring the GPS and topo even on an easy scramble.


More Storm photos on Flickr

2 Replies to “scrambling Storm mountain”

  1. Storm mountain is a favorite of many Scramblers. There are actually two Storm mountains. One is between Banff and Lake Louise, the other is in the south area of Kananaskis.
    “Summit Stones”

  2. After recently posting on my blog about Mt Temple, and now revisiting your section on scrambles, I thought to mention that Mt Temple is one of the premier scrambles in Canada.
    It is the third highest peak in Banff National Park, has very difficult technical climbs on it, and yet has one route that allows many scramblers to enjoy this impressive summit…

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