video & photos – climbing Crowsnest

UPDATE – added photos from the climb to Flickr

Scott Whiteside organized 6 hikers to scramble his favourite mountain in the Crowsnest Pass. We needed no climbing gear but be warned there are a few tricky spots on this mountain.

We took our time spending almost 8hrs on the adventure. All returned unscathed — except for 1 thumb squashed by a falling rock. Rock fall is the biggest danger when scrambling the rotten Rockies.

For evidence that we actually reached the summit, click PLAY on the video below or watch the clip on YouTube.

the best photos

Originally uploaded by Rick McCharles.

On the right hand navigation of the blog we’ve added a Flickr “badge” linking to 120 of our best photos. More will be added in future.

Rick McCharles is hosting this on his pro account.

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Huayhuash Circuit photo credit – Grant Assenheimer

Terragenâ„¢ software – photorealistic landscapes

Have you heard of Terragen?

It’s software for generating real looking landscapes. This is not an actual mountain, but a generated image.

More terragen images by artist Luc Bianco.

Terragenâ„¢ still offers a free beta version if you want to try it.

George recommends these sites:

Chang Tang, Tibetan Plateau

Have you heard of the Chang Tang?

A part of the world half the size of the continental USA?

Me neither.

George Schaller made 11 trips between 1985 and 2001. I read a couple of his books so perhaps I did hear of the region.


The photographer is Galen Rowell, who’s work was admired by Ansel Adams. This was Rowell’s last adventure. He and his wife were killed in a plane crash in California.

National Geographic sponsored expedition to Chang Tang

Bruce Kirby pitched the idea to National Geographic and worked a year on the Chang Tang project. But NG went ahead without him.