Harvey Manning – dead at 81

The author of dozens of great hiking guides is gone. Rest in peace.

Harvey Manning, an icon of the mountaineering community who helped shape and preserve much of this region’s wilderness, died Sunday at age 81. Manning also wrote dozens of mountaineering and hiking guides, many of which have become classics. Most area outdoors enthusiasts, armchair or otherwise, grew up on one of his “100 Hikes” series of books.

“I feel like one of the great cedars of the North Cascades has fallen,” said Rick McGuire, former president of the Alpine Lakes Protection Society and longtime friend. “It’s hard to sum up a man like Harvey. He was a force of nature.”

Manning, known and beloved for his fearsome directness, was a tireless voice for conserving the forests as well as making them accessible to citizens of the Northwest. …

Harvey Manning, 1925-2006: Author of hiking guides ‘was a force of nature’

The Freedom of the Hills

introducing Tom Mangan – hiking blogger

He hikes. He blogs.

me2.jpgMy new friend Tom Mangan is IMHO the top hiking blogger on the internet. (He must browse more RSS hiking feeds than anyone else.)

Tom’s one of the original bloggers, posting long before the word “blog” had been coined. Yet he is a relatively recent devotee of hiking. (Disclosure – I only got serious in 1999 myself.)

What I like about his Two-Heel Drive hiking blog is the balanced content. Unlike most blogs, including this one, Tom does not focus on the extreme, the sensational, the “best” — but rather covers everything hiking. He tries to get to know regular hikers as people. And he points out the positive.

Very refreshing.

Thanks Tom for motivating me to do a better job with this blog. I know you have had a similar energizing effect on dozens, perhaps hundreds of others out there.

Keep it up!

Why are we blogging?

* To pass along interesting stuff we find online …

* To document the fact that we experienced life on earth (And to have our names come up first when we google them.)

* To share our expertise and knowledge.

* To create something original.

Why are we blogging? – Two-Heel Drive

hiking off-season

Jeannine (aka City Mouse Country Mouse) likes hiking off-season.

I jokingly called yesterday’s trip to Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park our first hike of “the season”. After Marc and I met about a year ago, we went on hikes on Sunday afternoons. I think it was his way of showing me that Virginia wasn’t as bad as I thought it was back then and that it could be as beautiful as Massachusetts (not sure I completey agree yet).

I like hiking when it’s cold out. There are fewer people on the trails, it’s quieter at popular spots like Humpback and White Canyon, there are no bugs, and I don’t get overheated.

And you are more likely to see animals when there are fewer people about. Check her blog post to see how close she got to deer that day.


mountain artist – Elizabeth Wiltzen

I bumped into the Canadian hiking artist Elizabeth Wiltzen when we both applied for a trekking permit to The Wave on the Arizona / Utah border on the same day.

Later I checked out her work on-line: MountainArtist.com

Her work is excellent!

I’m looking forward to seeing what she paints at The Wave.

She certainly knows Lake O’Hara.


more of her paintings using the Giclée technique

photos – Shasta bloggers meetup

It was an honour to hook-up with some of the top outdoor bloggers on the www, drink excellent wine and enjoy the lovely trails around Mt. Shasta, CA.

The highlight was the excellent campsite gourmet Thai meal prepared by Russ, the Wine Hiker.


78 more photos on Flickr

Check the trip photojournal posted by Tom Magnan on Two-Heel Drive.

We are already talking about a second annual meetup, perhaps in conjunction with Appalachian Trail Days, May 18-19-20 2007 in Damascus, Virginia.

the fittest man in the world

Labelled “the fittest man in the world” by Men’s Fitness, Dean Karnazes’ past feats include running 350 miles continuously, mountain biking non stop for 24 hours, swimming across the San Francisco Bay, and running a marathon to the South Pole.

from the Geared Up Blog

He is author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner.

Confessions of an All-Night Runner

What’s next?

50 marathons in 50 days!

hiking bloggers “meetup”, Shasta California

BuddhaShasta-c.IMG_0434.jpgThanks to Tom Magnan’s excellent Two-Heel Drive blog, I am now booked to attend the first ever “Outdoor Blogger Ho Down Oct. 6-8, 2006“.

Strange name. But what could be more natural than those who blog about hiking getting together in the wilderness to scramble a peak and exchange notes?

I expect to learn a lot.

We are tentatively scheduled to rendezvous at Horse Camp in the Mt. Shasta Wilderness about 6hrs out of San Francisco.

This is what blogging is all about. Using the internet to enrich the lives of online communities — in this case hikers.

See a larger version of the photo of Mt. Shasta by Vicki Brenner on Blooming Rose Press.

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