hiking Mineral Ridge, Idaho


Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail is a backcountry hiking area near Lake Coeur d’Alene

Construction began on the trail in 1963 and the area was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1982. There is a self-guided interpretive tour along the 3.3-mile (5.3 km) trail.

Summit of Mineral Ridge, 2,400ft (730m). Elevation gain is 600ft (180m).


We hiked it January 3rd after a snowstorm. With a 5yr-old. Late in the afternoon, slipping and sliding back to the trailhead in the dark.

Mineral Ridge

A bit more adventurous than usual. 🙂

Here’s a more typical lake view from the ridge.



Each winter from November through February a migrating population of up to 150 bald eagles visit the area to feed on spawning Kokanee salmon. An interpretive viewing program is offered annually from Christmas through New Years during peak migration.

We saw two bald eagles. 🙂

official Bureau of Land Management page

Simien Trek – Ethiopians

Photographers know that some of the BEST photos from the developing World are of local people.

I’m always reluctant to ask to take these kinds of photos, but Joshua and Nadine have been living in rural Africa the past two years. They have a good feel for whom to ask, whom to leave alone. Here are a few of their photos from our hike in the Ethiopian highlands.


Simien - Josh and Nadine-5

There seems to be some invisible line off the hiking trail behind which the kids must stay.

Simien - Josh and Nadine-8

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Overland Track, Tasmania

It’s on our list of top 10 hikes in the World. It’s on many top 10 lists.

What’s it all about?

Discover Tasmania calls this the best Overland tramping video they’ve ever seen. Kids, rain, mud, snow … and plenty of FUN on a family adventure. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

If interested in making the pilgrimage to Tasmania yourself, check our NEW Overland information page.

It’s been updated with advice from local expert Warwick Sprawson.

Red Rock Canyon, Waterton

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Three teens from Calgary SOMEHOW had never been to Waterton Lakes National Park, even though it’s only 3hrs drive from their homes.


Almost immediately we came upon 4 bears grazing the hillside.


Like adjacent Glacier National Park, Waterton is a great place to see wildlife.

Due to bear problems in the National Park campgrounds, tenting was not allowed at Crandell Mountain Campground in 2013. We decided to stay outside the Park at Crooked Creek.

Crooked Creek

car camping eggs

We shared the Creek with a family of Beavers.


Red Rock Canyon is a classic day hike, an easy loop.

More adventurous is to follow the Canyon up the mountain for as long as possible.

Red Rock

Red Rock 2

The guys ended up scrambling over and under logs, getting wet and generally having a blast.

Red Rock logs

All and all, a pretty good introduction to the joys of Waterton National Park.

more Red Rock Canyon photos

more Waterton photos

Crypt Lake trail

Highly recommended. 🙂

We had a terrific adventure.

The Crypt Lake Trail is one of the premium hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. It is accessed by a dedicated ferry service operating from the Waterton Park Townsite. …

Voted “Canada’s Best Hike” in 1981

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The crux comes at the top.

ledge is about 50 cm wide, and continues over to a steel ladder and access to the tunnel. For nearly 100 ft you crawl through a natural mountain tunnel before arriving at the cable traverse. This section of the hike involves a scramble along a sheer cliff, with the assistance of a steel cable. …

The hike is a total of 17.2 km round trip, with a gradual 2,300-foot elevation gain. …

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