HOW to Hike Huayhuash, Peru

The best hike in the world for me personally was the Huayhuash Circuit,

We did rent a cook tent and hire a mule driver, but decided on our route independently.

Huayhuash is dangerous. Hikers have died there. This is arguably the best hike in the world but is appropriate only for robust, experienced high altitude trekkers

The greatest danger is altitude sickness. We hired horses instead of mules so we could evacuate by horse, if necessary. Smart trekkers do some acclimatization treks out of Huaraz before catching the bus to Huayhuash.

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FREE Wild Camping in Norway

Report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles

I hiked and bikepacked Norway for many weeks summers of 2018 and 2022.

Norway IS expen$ive. The best way to lower your holiday costs is to sleep FREE in your tent.

A longstanding law called allemannsretten (loosely translated as ‘the right to roam’) allows everyone to wild camp virtually anywhere in open country, for free.

Langøyene island, a 15-minute ferry ride away from Oslo, has grassy glades to pitch up in, right next to the fjord. Sognsvann lake, north of Oslo, is another good spot. …


That sounds GREAT.

However — it’s a small percentage of Norway that is both flat enough and dry enough to pitch a tent. I was happy I carried a foam sleeping pad as well as my air mattress. I put it UNDER the tent to keep everything a little drier.

If you can’t find a good free spot, it’s easy to locate one of the 1,000 or so paid campsites.

Protection from the wind is another problem. I did hear of wind breaking tent poles. It’s often gusty.

A hiker had recommended this free spot in Sommarøy⁩. Ideal. Wooden tent pad with protection from the ocean wind.

I like having a picnic table to organize gear and sit down for meals.

This was the closest free site I could find near Svolvær⁩. No picnic table.

Here are a few more typical sites.

Last night tenting, I found my MSR Hubba™ NX Easton Syclone tentpole had brokensomehow. It’s the most unreliable part of MSR tents, along with their lightweight zippers.

My favourite campsite was Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten. But this cost $20 / night. It’s the trailhead for the Veggen and the more popular Mannen climbs.

NEW smaller Bear Canisters


BearVault has just released two new products, the BV425 “Sprint” and the BV475 “Trek“.

Both bear canisters meet Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) grizzly bear testing standards as of May 2022 and are approved for use on the John Muir Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.

… hikers now have twice as many options on offer from BearVault to help protect their food (and protect the bears) in the backcountry. …

Halfway Anywhere

Though canisters are bulky, I certainly do appreciate having a CAMP CHAIR when I carry one. 😀

Zenbivy Bed 2.0 – a unique sleeping system

Kraig Becker on The Adventure Blog is one of my most trusted gear reviewers.

He’s been using this innovative sleeping system since 2018:

… The model I tested was rated for use in 10ºF (-12ºC) and the entire system (sheet and comforter) weighs just 3 lbs, 13 oz. (1.73 kg) for a large model. An equivalent-sized version rated for 25ºF (-4ºC) temperatures weigh more than a pound (.45 kg) less. Make no mistake, there are other sleeping bag options that weigh less, but few will deliver this much comfort. …

It looks great. Ideal for adventures where weight is not a major issue: Bikepacking, Kayaking, car camping, etc.

For long hikes I’ll stick with the lighter (more expen$ive) Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt.

Read Kraig’s review – Gear Review: Zenbivy Bed 2.0 10º Sleep System

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Best Hiking Backpacks 2022

Adventure Alan posted a detailed review:


Best Overall: Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Southwest
Best Value: REI Flash 55
Most Comfortable: M’s Osprey Exos and W’s Eja 58
Most Innovative: Zpacks Arc Haul Ultra 60L [‘Ultra’ fabric]
Best Super Ultralight: Mountain Laurel Designs Exodus 55L [‘Ultra’ fabric]
Best Budget: Osprey Rook 65

I’ve been using a Hyperlite since 2019.

Winter Hiking #FAIL

Sundance Canyon is a popular, easy day hike directly out of Banff townsite in the Canadian Rockies.

On a lovely Spring day in April I set off to enjoy the afternoon.

Some of the approach is along the lovely Bow River.

Everyone stops en route at the (now closed) Cave and Basin National Historic Site. And nearby boardwalk trails down to the river.

I popped into 3 Mile Cabin.

My #FAIL came when I reached Sundance Canyon itself. I’d forgotten to bring my Yaktrax® up to the mountains. They were essential this day. 😀

I was forced to quit.

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My Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

Want to be comfortable and sleep well when on the trail?

I recommend this very expen$ive quilt / sleeping bag.

It was the most popular sleeping bag or quilt for those spending months on the Continental Divide Trail 2021.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I really like their strap system.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I opted for the 20 degree (6C) 850 down fill version. Regular length. Wide. This should keep me warm and comfortable on all my typical outdoor adventures. Even Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland.

Enlightened Equipment gives you hundreds of options. You can custom order exactly what you want.

Though it’s down, apparently I will be able to wash this bag.

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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 Hoody

GearLab awarded the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer 2 Hoody Editors’ Choice award for the best overall down jacket.

But I bought mine after seeing how many thru hikers use it on the Continental Divide Trail. They can beat this up for months without destroying the warm layer.

I am a little worried about the ultralight zipper.

NOT CHEAP. I paid CAD $341 including taxes and shipping. But it will be well used on adventures where weight and bulk are critical.

On colder trips, I’ll bring it along with my beloved Helly Hansen LifaLoft jacket.

  • highly compressible
  • DWR (durable water repellent) 800-fill RDS®-certified down insulation
  • Ultra-lightweight ripstop fabric
  • stuffs into its own hand pocket with internal carabiner clip loop
  • 8.8 oz. / 249 g

Click PLAY or see the original Men’s Ghost Whisperer on YouTube.

Personally, I don’t like the form fitting shape — so bought the XL. For me it fits much like a normal jacket.

Read the full review.

Magnetic Cutlery for Travel

Full Windsor sent me a sample set of their Magnetic Flatware.

And I’m impressed.

High quality. Durable. And the magnetic coupling is super slick.

There’s no way I could possibly bend or break the spoon as I’ve often done in the past with metal and titanium. The knife has a serrated edge that could cut wire!


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’ll be doing a detailed video review on my next multi-day adventure.

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