Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Seemed I could jump down on top of the tourist boat on the river below.


En route to Paria Canyon, I took the short walk from highway US89 to dangle my feet off the cliffs of Horseshoe Bend, surely one of the most incredible vistas in the world.

This oxbow in the Colorado River is just downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, a few miles from the tourist centre of Page, Arizona.

horseshoe.jpglarger version – TrekEarth

drowning in a slot canyon

That is the big hazard with a hike through Paria Canyon on the Utah – Arizona border.

Just organizing for Paria, I’m going end of October as there is a lower risk of flash flood.


I just learned that Utah suffered a massive rain storm already this season. Two hikers survived flooding on the Escalante river to post a fantastic trip report and photos.


(via Backcountry blog and Adventure blog)

Colca, Peru: The grand, GRAND canyon

This is real adventure. Not for the faint hearted.

Colca is a 5-day trek (difficult & dangerous) over a 5100m (16,732ft) pass. It’s only 60km (37mi) but you will likely need to hire pack animals due to the rugged, remote terrain. And altitude.

Noel Wigdor posted one of the best trip reports we’ve seen in a while.


Wow what a week.

Exactly a week ago I left for Colca Canyon for what is considered one of the hardest, but most rewarding, hikes in South America. Here is the breakdown of one of the most amazing, exhausting, and trying experiences of my life. Day 1 Ohad, my Israelli hiking partner, and I woke at 2:45 to catch a 3:30 bus to Cabanaconde, the starting point for our hike. Although we were both very nervous about this hike (we had both read that it is extremely hard), I was especially nervous because I was starting the whole thing with a bad case of diarrhrea … read more

Colca Canyon: The grand, GRAND canyon


If you are up for this kind of challenge, check out the details on Colca Canyon.

Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon

Every hiker wants to cross the Grand Canyon. Just because it is there.

I did a similar trip across the much deeper Colca Canyon in Peru. Very challenging and very rewarding.

But to cross rim-to-rim takes advance planning. Of 30,000+ requests for backcountry permits each year, the park issues only 13,000.

Ideally, you should book at least 4 months in advance. Transportation can be a hassle. Details on Kaibab Trail

This is why we need — to get a heads-up on which of the great hikes require advance planning.

The best time to walk rim-to-rim is Spring and Fall. Summer is hot! Also, the North Rim facilities and road access close during the winter.

The second best hike in the Grand Canyon is a loop from the South Rim. Logistics are much easier. But hike rim-to-rim 20.6mi (33.2km), 3-days, 2-nights if you can.


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