Wildebeat – recommended audiocast for hikers

steve.jpgSteve Sergeant is producer, host and is the voice of Wildebeat, a most professional audio podcast.

He combines a wealth of experience as a backpacker, backcountry skier, rock climber, and mountaineer with experience in the professional audio and broadcast industry.

Their mission:

The WildeBeat is an audio journal — like a radio news magazine — presenting news and features to help you explore the Earth’s remaining wild places. Each week, we publish a 10 minute documentary piece catered to the needs of people who enjoy wilderness recreation.

A typical outdoor recreation publication focuses on extraordinarily fit and highly-skilled people taking spectacular risks in distant or exotic places. Or they focus on the latest high-priced gear proffered by their supporting advertisers. Perhaps they sensationalize the brutality of wildlife and nature. Or they preach about environmental politics, and forget the enjoyment of natural settings in the process.

We show you that you don’t need to do extreme sports to enjoy nature and being outdoors; anyone can enjoy backcountry activities, such as camping, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, skiing, or snowshoeing. Listen to The WildeBeat to get enthused about exploring new places, learn safe and responsible skills, and get ready to get into the wilderness!

I subscribe to Wildebeat via iTunes, but check it out first on wildebeat.net.


Tahoe Rim Trail, California

anniversary-hike-map.jpgWe just added the 165mi (266km) Tahoe Rim Trail to our list of the best hikes in the world.

After listening to an excellent “podcast” about the trek from Wildebeat.net, we were convinced it was worthy.

Listen to details on the TRT 25th Anniversary hike:

  • podcast part 1
  • podcast part 2
  • If you do not listen to audiocasts you can read a transcript instead.

    No need to do the entire circuit. It is easy to section hike.

    Click on the thumbnail map to see a large map of this adventure.


    More information from the Tahoe Rim Trail Association.


    minimum weight – maximum fun

    The best hiking podcast as of this date is hosted by Bob Cartwright of backpackinglight.co.uk

    Cartwright posts a new 30min+ podcast it seems almost every day. You can subscribe from iTunes as I did — but it is worth checking the backpackinglight.co.uk podcast page too. They archive some of the best podcasts and include links to related blogs and websites. It is well done.

    Complaints? I find the podcasts often too long. And very UK-centric.

    Still, they have set the bar for future audio and video hiking podcasts. Congratulations to Cartwright and the rest of the team.

    backpackinglight.co.uk home page

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