Colca Canyon

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One of the best hikes in the world

Colca Canyon

  • Cañón del Colca (Spanish)
  • Andagua (5 day long trek)

A trip to Colca Canyon is recommended for all hikers, regardless of ability and experience. It offers superb day hiking and immensely popular 2-day trips.

Bruno Iglesias
Bruno Iglesias

Hard core hikers will love a unique 5-day option descending into the canyon then climbing up over a snowy 5100m (16,732ft) pass to the remote and rarely visited Valley of the Volcanos — weird cones & lava formations!

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  • canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru
  • depth of 4,160m (13,650ft) more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon
  • about 160km (100mi) northwest of Arequipa
  • Peru’s 3rd most-visited tourist destination
  • summer (November through March) is reliably dry, with sunny days and clear, cold nights
  • no need to carry a tent. You can stay in quaint mountain villages, if you like.
  • the 5hr road trip from Arequipa passes a vicuña reserve & crosses a 4800m pass

Why We Like This Hike

  • PERU is a wonderful hiking destination
  • Andean condors in the wild
  • herds of vicuñas
  • vibrant indigenous culture
  • tourist home-stays
  • Inca Ice Maiden Juanita found nearby in 1995
  • no biting insects in the canyon when we were there
  • visit La Calera hot springs at Chivay, en route to the trailhead
  • combine this adventure with a climb of Volcano Misti near Ariquipa
  • nearby Toro Muerto is cool, ancient petroglyphs in the Peruvian coastal desert
  • consider extending your trip to visit Cotahuasi canyon, even deeper than Colca
Boris G


  • altitude sickness is by far your greatest concern
  • most hikers get some symptoms above 2500m
  • Cuzco is at 3326m, Arequipa 2230m. You cross a 4800m pass getting to the trailhead.
  • Paso Cerani is 5100m! (15,420 ft) on the 5-day trek
  • you need a lot of water
  • it can be very hot and dry. We had a heat emergency on our 2-day trip after just a few hours. Only mad dogs & gringos are on the trail mid-day. Locals  siesta.
  • speak conversational Spanish if you want to do the trek on your own
  • beware scorpions


  • travel in Peru is inexpensive, but not nearly as cheap as it was in the past
  • all visitors to the Colca region pay about $28 (70 soles) for a Boleto Turistico (Tourist Ticket)


  • most disembark the bus at tranquil town of Cabanaconde (3290m)
  • some hire guides & burros to carry gear
  • most spend 2 days hiking, staying 1 night in huts at the so called Oasis, a lush green paradise at the base of the arid canyon
  • normal route is to cross the deep canyon, traverse the other side via villages. Then drop down to the Oasis.


  • there are many 2-3 day options, of course
  • It’s quite easy if you are acclimatized. No guide needed.
Monty VanderBilt - Oasis
Monty VanderBilt – Oasis

Trekking Guides

If you do want to hire a guide or pack animals, we recommend you wait and do that in Cabanaconde.

You could book in Arequipa instead. In 2014 tours cost about $60 for 2 nights not including the $28 entrance fee (70 soles).

jo_chen_w – condor

Local Information

Best Trekking Guidebooks

We LOVE that 2003 guidebook. But certainly wish LP would update.

Best Travel Guidebooks

Best Maps

  • look for a map when you get to Arequipa.

Best Web Pages

Monty VanderBilt - Hot springs near Chivay
Monty VanderBilt – Hot springs near Chivay

Best Trip Reports


Yeti Adventure Films nailed the feel of Colca in this cute edit. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    That hike is still to this day, the hottest weather we’ve ever trekked in. We don’t regret a thing though!

  2. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer. Awesome places to explore. I would like to suggest it to my friends so that we can plan a trip and take a time for ourselves in this busy schedule. Keep posting such wonderful places. Thanks a lot!

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