Merino wool is back “in”

I heard Chris Townsend on a podcast recently championing wool over synthetics. Especially when worn under a garment. Especially on longer hikes.

On one of his reviews of hiking socks:

Smartwool Hiking is my first choice with the well-priced Fox River Trailmaster a very close second.

Townsend routinely wears a different sock on each foot in order to compare them.

SmartWool Adrenaline Light Mini Crew Socks - Men\'s

books – Robert Young Pelton

You’ve probably heard of Pelton’s TV show or his books:

The World’s Most Dangerous Places
The Hunter, The Hammer, The Heaven
Come Back Alive
Three Worlds Gone Mad
Licensed to Kill : Hired Guns in the War on Terror

Pelton was the first Western journalist to meet with the Taliban after they set up offices in Peshawar, Pakistan. He simply walked in the front door with his cameras. When told the Taliban do not allow photographs because of the Koran …

I explain very carefully that only cowards do not show their faces and that in my culture a man who does not wish to be seen cannot be trusted. Just to make sure I get my point across I ask, “Must their leader hide as women must hide behind the veil?”

Pelton survived that time.

In fact, his most harrowing tales in the one I just finished are of an upbringing in a broken Canadian home. Good book.

A Life In Dangerous Places

CONFIRMED – Crowsnest Mountain scramble

Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, 3rd editionClimber Scott Whiteside who lives in the Crowsnest Pass recommends the Crowsnest Mountain scramble in the Canadian Rockies. It’s 4-7hrs return, 1100m (3609ft), non-technical. Good fun — but no mountaineering gear needed when dry.

No map needed, just Alan Kane’s book.

A group of us are planning to do it Saturday, June 17th. Email or leave a comment if you want to join us.


gear – Swiss Champ knife Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife (Red): Sports & Outdoors

I’m still lugging the 1lb ! (.45kg) biggest Swiss Army pocket knife made.

Heavy — but at least I’ve got the biggest tool in the woods!

32 stainless-steel tools with a lifetime warranty. Essential to me are the corkscrew, tweezers, nail file, pliers, and large knife (which should lock, but does not).

What’s your favourite camping knife? Leave a comment below.