our West Coast Trail 2013

I’m just back from our #1 hike in the world. 🙂 Detailed trip report coming in September — following our reunion slide show & meet up in Saskatoon. Until then, here’s a short video montage that will give you a glimpse. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

West Coast Trail

World → North America → Pacific NW → Canada → West Coast Trail The BEST hike in the world is the West Coast Trail The very BEST hike in the world. That’s right. The BEST. In 2014 a new access point was opened, Nitinat Narrows. Instead of 60 hiking permits / day, we’re now allowed up to 75 / day. …

West Coast Trail documentary

Very entertaining. … This was a 27-minute documentary recorded off of CBC news several months ago for a school who hikes the trail with a group of students … Click PLAY or watch Part 1 on YouTube. Part 2 Part 3 The WCT is our #1 hike in the world! Thank Jimi for the links.