hike NAKED – are you crazy?

Seems it’s fairly popular in Germany and the UK.

Steve Gough is the most (in)famous proponent.

In the United Kingdom, Steve Gough, known as The Naked Rambler, received much media coverage for walking naked from Land’s End to John o’Groats in 2003–2004 and again in 2005–2006. He was arrested and imprisoned several times during both his walks. In both 2005 and 2006 the European Alps were crossed naked during a one week hiking (tour), there was little media coverage and no-one was arrested or troubled.

Naked hiking – Wikipedia

image – Integral Nacktiv

Bikini Wars: fishing babes

Position statement

bikini2.jpgFor the record, this blog decries what some are calling the Bikini Wars.

Trash talking blog posts used as an excuse to highlight photos of pretty girls with fish.

Indeed, I concur with Trout Underground that those bloggers are merely “traffic-hungry smut peddlers”.

Bikini Wars: The Final Battle – The Trout Underground

The Besthike blog will never stoop to those kind of tactics.

(… let me know if I am out-to-lunch on this. Perhaps scantily clad fish with girls should be a priority.)

California: Center of the Outdoor Universe

I am packing for the first ever meetup of outdoor activity bloggers. Not surprisingly, it is in California.

During my lifetime most of the great outdoor innovations began in California. The first mountain bikes were built there, for example.

Yet when the Get Outdoors blog called California “the center of the outdoor universe”, there was dissent. Even I chimed in claiming that Queenstown, New Zealand was a better outdoors base than anywhere in California.

But, on balance, I agree with Get Outdoors. California is awesome.

Unparalleled Breadth of Outdoor Activities

Ecosystem & Geographic Diversity

National Parks & Wilderness Areas

Environmental Stewardship

Outdoor Visionaries

Center of the Outdoor Universe – Getoutdoors.com Outdoor Blog

But since the California grizzly on the state flag has long been extinct, I feel a new image is needed.