Nike & iPod Running Gear

I often listen to books on tape on my Rio MP3 player while exercising.

When the going gets tough, I switch to my favourite high energy music for a jolt.

The next step?

Lance Armstrong has already endorsed a unique wireless connection between your Nike shoes and an iPod. It has a number of cool features including a Power Song button which jumps to the motivation track the instant you need it.

Newsvine – Nike, Apple Team Up on iPod Running Gear


minimum weight – maximum fun

The best hiking podcast as of this date is hosted by Bob Cartwright of

Cartwright posts a new 30min+ podcast it seems almost every day. You can subscribe from iTunes as I did — but it is worth checking the podcast page too. They archive some of the best podcasts and include links to related blogs and websites. It is well done.

Complaints? I find the podcasts often too long. And very UK-centric.

Still, they have set the bar for future audio and video hiking podcasts. Congratulations to Cartwright and the rest of the team.
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