want to see alpine animals?

Our vote for the best National Park in North America for sighting wildlife is tiny Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada. (Adjacent to Glacier National Park in Montana.)

In Waterton you are more likely than not to see bear on any given day.

Charming Waterton Townsite is overrun with deer. You can play hide and go seek with them as we did.

photo – George Novak

During the winter hungry cougars will come right into town after the deer. Locals told us the record was 5 cougars within town limits at one time!

If you need an excuse to visit Waterton, come for one of the world’s best hikes: The Tamarack Trail. 3 days, 2nights 36km (22.4mi)

Glacier, Yellowstone & Grand Teton wildlife

When choosing the best hikes in the world, the chance to see interesting flora and fauna is an important factor.

On a 4-day hiking & biking car camping trip we saw moose, bison, antelope, bear, deer, elk, mountain goat and more.

Click PLAY on the video below or see the animals on YouTube.

music – Broken Social Scene

Actually, this was the first time I’d seen the large North American Pronghorn Antelope. And we only saw the one in the video.