Carian Trail, Turkey

… the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi are short boat rides away and Crete is twice as close as Istanbul. European walkers will feel a great affinity with the untouched landscapes, traditional villages and Hellenistic history of the Carian Trail.

The trail is the brainchild of two Turkish guides, Yunis Ozdemir and Altay Ozcan, and Dean Livesley, an Englishman. …

Like the Lycian Way, the Carian Trail is simultaneously ancient and brand new – a stitching together of neglected shepherd’s paths, goat trails, caravan routes and forest tracks into a coherent linearity. …

Starting with an idea hatched over a cafe table in 2009, they were soon “swimming in scrub” as they machete’d their way through tangled undergrowth to clear 500 miles of route. …


Walking holidays in Turkey: the ancient stones of the new Carian Trail

Interested? I am. 🙂

Check the official website –

Here’s an interactive map.

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