Simien Traverse, Ethiopia

I’m hoping to do the famed Simien Traverse in early December 2014. I’ll be in country Dec 1-14th. It’s the best hike in Ethiopia, one of the best in the world.


Click PLAY or watch a some highlights from a 2014 trek on YouTube. It looks spectacular. Scenery and wildlife. Especially the Gelada Baboons.

I’m using the most recent Lonely Planet Ethiopia to start my research.

I plan to fly Addis Ababa to Gondor, buying my ticket when I get to Ethiopia. Spend at least one night in Gondor, acclimatizing, before traveling about 2hrs north to Debark.


The Simien Park Hotel in Debark is reputed to have hot water showers. One night there while I organize my adventure at the National Park Office.

I’m hoping to either join a group headed up or to hire the minimum for a solo trek. That’s one ‘Scout’ (armed park ranger) and one English speaking guide.

No mules. No cook.

The most popular route is 4-5 days to Geech or Chenek and back. I’ll not summit Ras Dashen, the highest peak in Ethiopia.

Leave a comment if you’ve done this trek.

2 Replies to “Simien Traverse, Ethiopia”

  1. I did it last November, it’s a really stunning trek, the views from the mountains are incredible and the enormous families of Gelada baboons make it really unique – they really let you get very close to them indeed.

    If you have more time in Ethiopia, I can recommend the cave churches high up in the cliffs between Aksum & Mekele – some incredible climbs to find ancient churches in improbable locations at the top of cliffs. Or doing the TEFSA community treks along the escarpment near Lalibela.

    Simien Park Hotel does indeed have hot showers and was a good place to stay. Gondar definitely worth at least half a day for the Royal Enclosure. It’s a really spectacular country. Let me know if you have any questions.

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