Kuari Pass trek – day 3

by site editor Rick McCharles

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A highlight of this guided trip was the food. Here’s our chef, Kumar, who cooks inside with headlamp.

Kumar the cook - Kuari day 3

He’s from Nepal. But has cooked all over the Himalaya, including Ladahk.

One of the mule drivers cooked up Chapattis in the fire, fluffing them right in the ash.

chipattis - Kuari day 3

Another treat was our hot water wash-up every morning.

Kuari day 3

We began to get glimpses of snowy peaks.

Kuari day 3-2

Some of the most prosperous villages use slate roofing.

slate roof - Kuari day 3

This woman was separating seeds from chaff.

ridding the chaff - Kuari day 3

Another was separating beans.

sorting beans - Kuari day 3

Chilli peppers grow well here. As does seemingly everything.

chilis - Kuari day 3

Kuari day 3-4

Quality of bridge and road construction seems superior to that of Nepal and Tibet.

Kuari day 3-6

Kuari day 3-7

That bridge is maybe 200m high.

Kuari day 3-8

The scale of everything in the Himalayas is deceptive.

electricity does not work - Kuari day 3

People here want roads and electricity. The power lines are often out-of-service, however.

To this point, we’d seen less wildlife than I hoped.

lizards - Kuari day 3

The trees are grand, however.

Kuari day 3-9

Kuari day 3-11

Kuari day 3-10

And we did see one troop of Gray Langur monkeys in the wild. We’d seen hundreds in Rishikesh, of course.

first monkeys - Kuari day 3

Here’s a rarer sighting. A house cat.

house cat - Kuari day 3

We mostly spent time with farm animals.

Kuari day 3-15

Kuari day 3-14

My favourite of the crops was this gorgeous red grain, just ready for harvest.

Kuari day 3-13

Kuari day 3-12

We again had some rain late afternoon.

rainbow - Kuari day 3

Nights were always clear. Stars and Milky Way super sharp until moon rise.

Kuari day 3-16

See all high resolution photos from this day.

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