7 gorgeous Korean mountain hikes

My only hike in Korea was the new coast island adventure — Jeju Olle.

I’ve got to get back for the mountains.

… Korea was blessed with a shapely topography: 70 percent of its landscape is mountain (the other 30 percent, expensive coffeeshops).

Around this time of year, due to the startling colors of the curvy landscape, the trails will doubtlessly be packed with streams of hikers in garish colored hiking gear …

But there are also many paths to the top of the mountain (literally), and many excellent paths that don’t necessarily lead to the top.

Here’s where to check out the most vibrant autumnal hues or, later in the year, the bleached landscape of a snowy mountaintop. …

1. Seoraksan
2. Bukhansan
3. Taebaeksan
4. Songnisan
5. Jirisan
6. Naejangsan
7. Hallasan

Seoraksan National Park


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