Triple Crown Hikes in Waterton this summer

by site editor Rick McCharles

3 hikes
up to 55km
2650m elevation gain

I can’t resist. Waterton is the best kept secret in Canadian hiking. Tourists flock to Banff in the Rockies, leaving Waterton National Park to us local insiders.

I’m going to complete the Triple Crown myself and get my name on the Glory Board.

Crypt Lake (9km), Akamina Ridge (20km) and the Alderson-Carthew Summit (16km) in one summer.

I’ll do the 3 during one trip, I think. Either end of June. … Or in August.

I’ve done Crypt and Alderson-Carthew in the past. But never Akamina. It looks great.

Details on

Leave a comment if you want to use the Triple Crown challenge as an excuse to get your butt to Waterton.

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