trekking Japan – 88 Temple Pilgrimage

We’ve added a category of walks called “spiritual”. This is a perfect example.

For example, one adventure recommended by Aasmund Midttun Godal, the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

Neon Pilgrim (2009) is a rollercoaster account of an Australian woman’s 1200km trek around the island of Shikoku, the famed 88 Temple Pilgrimage performed in honour of the ninth-century monk who brought Buddhism to Japan. Depressed, unemployed and overweight, 28-year-old Lisa Dempster undertook the epic walk to cure her body and mind ….


I checked out a review by Andy Hayes. His summary:

… this book has a terrible cover and an even worse title.

But it was probably the best ‘travelogue’ I’ve read all year.

Indie Travel Podcast

I’ve added Neon Pilgrim to my books-to-read list.

2 Replies to “trekking Japan – 88 Temple Pilgrimage”

  1. I read it and you are correct! Awful title good book.
    I also read Blowing zen: finding an authentic life. Another excellent book about one man’s journey in japan.

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