Everest trek – day 10

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

Content with success getting to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar, I decided to take a rest day before tackling the first of the Three Passes.

Morning in Dingboche was catching up on email, charging my batteries, and replenishing my personal food at this excellent “grocery store”.

For once I hung around the “teahouse”, chatting with guides and hikers. And eating. The food is surprisingly good.


Regarding the guest houses …

… Rooms are simple, plain, but generally clean and secure …

photo from outdoorsmagic

… The beauty of independent trekking in the Annapurna or Everest areas is that you can stay in tea houses or lodges which means all you really need is clothing, a warm sleeping bag, water bottle and some form or water purification, wash kit, basic first aid kit and, erm, money. …

Outdoors Magic – How To: Independent Trekking In Nepal

The biggest complaints are about toilets. Many are dark, dank and cold. Most are squatters.

Finding a sitter is a bonus.

The best source of information was the owner of the internet café. He convinced me that the Spring hiking season (March-April) is even better than the Fall (October to early December). Hikers are “healthier” in the Spring, he told. His theory is that the new green vegetation raises the level of oxygen.

I got excited about a possible future climb of Island Peak 6189m (20,305 ft).

Island Peak high camp

Dozens told me how much they enjoyed the experience. I’d trek to Dingboche independently, then hire a guide and rent gear there. That’s the least expensive way to do it. And all your money goes to the local people.

Late afternoon I took an off trail day hike in the direction of Island Peak.

It’s easy to get lost in the glacial moraine ridges. It was dark before I got back to town.

At higher elevations in the National Park it’s illegal to burn wood. Instead they burn dried Yak dung. To get the fire started, dunk a few turds in kerosene.

At night hikers hang out around the stove trying to stay warm and awake until 8PM.

all photos from day 10

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