Everest trek – day 3

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

To Namche Bazaar.

After 2 days sick, I finally felt great. Ready to make a push up to storied Namche 3,440m (11,286 ft).

First stop was the office of Sagarmatha National Park.

Here you must sign-in if you are hiking independently, showing your TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) card. And also your (US$13.50) Park entry fee.


I got mine in Kathmandu in advance. But you could get both at the Park entrance, as well. (So long as you remembered to bring 2 passport size photos with you.)

At the Park entrance begins a series of suspension bridges, the topography much more rugged.

It was explained to me that the Maoists never have bothered trekkers much in the Everest region because this one entrance can be so easily policed.

This section of the trail is crowded and dusty. Best not cross a bridge if you see pack animals coming from the other direction.

Actually, the porters can knock you to the ground, as well. They have limited visibility.

Despite bridge delays, I was psyched to get to Namche. And it did not disappoint. One of the great hiker’s towns in the world.

Here’s the vista from my $3 room.

Finally I felt I was on the way to Mt. Everest. Namche is “the gateway to the high Himalaya”.

This is why I had come to Nepal.

all photos from Everest trek – day 3

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