Laugavegur Tour, Iceland

After many, many hours trying to find a good deal on airfare. And rent-a-car. I finally gave up on trying to hike the island nation this summer.

I’ll start months in advance next time. And travel off-season.

Here’s what I missed …


… Arguably the most famous hiking tour in Iceland is the Laugavegur Tour. Traditionally done north to south, the trek begins at a drop off point called Landmannalaugar. This tiny launch pad is a destination in its own right, in fact I would argue that it is the single most beautiful place I have ever been.

The area consists of one small hut (sleeps 80), a large campground for trekkers, a small building with sinks, toilets and showers, a covered eating area, an old school bus turned store, and the most coveted of all… a large natural hot spring that serves as swimming pool, meeting place, bath, warming room and of course bar. …

read the trip report on DolomiteSport – Iceland Laugavegur Tour (Aug. 2009)

Check out the PatitucciPhoto Iceland Trekking Photos for inspiration.

I’ve not found a good hiking guidebook for this trek, certainly one of the World’s best.

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