Must Have iPhone App for Hikers


The Best iPhone 3.0 Beta app award at the Apple Design Awards last week is for trekkers.

Rave review … at least if you hike in certain parts of the U.S.A.:

… I haven’t used the application on a hike yet, but the mapping content on the application is very rich, and you can see what the surface of the terrain looks like. The drawbacks are you can’t zoom in as far as the iPhone Google Earth application lets you, and it doesn’t use the iPhone’s auto-tilt function to move to another part of the map like Google Earth does.

AccuTerra lets you share your outdoor experiences with others via Facebook and email. You can post a link of your trek to your Facebook profile or email a link to family and friends that includes the route you traveled and pictures you took along the way. …

Intermap created AccuTerra to fill the void of the modern-day GPS: off-road mapping. Though GPS does a “wonderful job on the road,” acknowledged Thomas, it’s not as useful “once you get to the end of the pavement.” The application also has a library of maps of U.S. national state parks and forests for each state. It had an extensive list of popular hiking and biking trails in the Bay Area, including my favorites, Alum Rock Park and Rancho San Antonio County Park. …

GigaOm – For Hikers, Bikers & Trekkers, Accuterra a Must Have iPhone App

You can get a better idea of how it works on the official mobile AccuTerra website.

Or watch a short introduction video on YouTube.

More video tutorials.

I think I’ll try it if and when I get an iPhone. That might be SOON.

3 Replies to “Must Have iPhone App for Hikers”

  1. If you can live with the expensive packages on the iPhone Rick… Especially in the US if you have a Canadian phone

  2. The new iFootpath App – iFootpath Mobile has just been launched. It has lots of new features including walks to download, GPS tracking on walk maps as well as the ability to create tracks and walks from the App. It’s free at the moment but this is likely to change. It’s really only for the UK. But may work in other countries,

    The website is

    and the itunes link is

    There is a new forum on the iFootpath website if you want to post up some comments.

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