paddle and hike to Della Falls, Canada

I’m researching a hike for the summer of 2007 to one of the highest “cascading” (3 drops) waterfalls in the world, Della on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are not often visited because access is difficult. On the normal route you must paddle or boat to the trailhead.

John Zimmerman posted photos from their paddle-in hike.


First view of Della Falls from the trail:


See all photos by John Zimmerman – Della Falls, 2004 – flickr

The Tod also posted photos of a 2006 hike. Here are some samples:

View of Della from atop the Love Lake trail:


Love Lake, July 1st, still frozen:


See all photos by The Tod – Della Falls, 2006 – flickr

Most hikers backtrack to the lake. I plan to hike out via Strathcona Provincial Park, likely exiting at the Mt Washington ski resort.

If you have any advice for me, leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “paddle and hike to Della Falls, Canada

  1. Right.

    That’s why you’ve never heard of Della Falls.

    Once you allow “cascading” rather than in one long drop, where does one draw the line?

    Still, Della does look impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Hiker Rick –

    Yeah, the whole height thing seems to be a very unexact science. I’ve found sources that claim the falls in Hawaii are way taller yet don’t get credit. Guess it depends how they are measured, water flow, where the “fall” really ends, yada yada. The falls at Yosemite pretty much dry out by August, due to the snowmelt ending. There are 3 segments. Does Della go all the time? Have fun!

    Please list my informative Half Dome blog on your right side. I’ll cross link yours. Also under BOOKS, my “One best hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome”, is the only one about this trail that 50,000 people do each year.

    -Half Dome Rick

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