Best. Hike. Ever.

What makes a hike a “best ever”?

Kimberly explains why her Great Wall of China day was her best hike ever:

Because it was the sunniest day.

Because the challenge was to reach the Great Wall at the ridge of the mountain, and we made it.

Because the view was spectacular.

Because it was HARD. My quads were quivering three quarters of the way up — and then I still had to get *down*.

Because a bunch of random people agreed to go hiking with me and they liked each other.

Because there was a feast of fresh grilled trout and fish dumplings at the end.

Because I went into it tired from a long week and came out of it happy happy happy.

Because it was preceded and followed by a night of dancing.

Because I still have Sunday.

Best. Hike. Ever. – Kimberlyland

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