trek independently Choquequirao to Machu Picchu, Peru

Jenni and Nick used our old Choquequirao hiking site while planning a trek to Aguas Calientes, the jumping off point for Machu Picchu.

Their trip report will be of great interest to others. We feel the very best way to walk to Machu Picchu is independently via the great ruins of Choquequirao, exactly what they have done.


Personally, reading the report and seeing their photos was nostalgic. I could relive my own hikes there: Salcantay (2004) and Choquequirao (2005).

What’s this? Back then we were not even aware of a new wonderful attraction en route:

… the llamas del sol, which we believe we only discovered in 2003.

We weren’t supposed to go and visit them, a no entry sign being by the path, but having read about them, we had to see them for ourselves. So with the two American guys we sneaked off down – they were impressive – llamas on precarious terraces perched high on a mountain.


I need to go back to see the stone llamas!

The major concern on this trek is altitude. It starts and finishes low, but gets high.

… it was a good couple of hours climb up to 4850m (15,912ft) and the Yanama pass. It seemed liked a good idea to stop there for a while and in the end we got the stove out & made ourselves a cup of coffee – won’t get the sort of view we had at Starbucks …

Yamana Pass

Their’s is the best trip report we’ve seen so far and we’ll be linking to it and their excellent photos from our information page:

besthike – Choquequirao Trek

This is the kind of destination that makes you consider booking that ticket to Peru right now. Inevitably it will become more crowded and regulated. The sooner you go, the better.

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