photos – Tibet and Xinjiang, China

photographer.jpgOur list of the best hikes in China is weak for a number of good reasons.

Researching hiking in remote Xinjiang Province, I came across the website of a top notch photographer.

Jian Shuo Wang from Shanghai posted details on a popular hike to Kanas, China’s deepest freshwater lake.

Lake Kanas lies near the Altai mountains, an imposing range where China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan meet.

map – Shangrila Adventure

Weather is the determining factor here. Best window for hiking is late September – mid-October. It’s high altitude.

Though horse trekking is far more popular than walking in this culture, I want to hike.

Just a small taste of his photos from that trip.

81 years old woman in Riwa

Xiannairi, the holy mountain.
photos © Copyright 2002 Jian Shuo Wang. All rights reserved.

See many more from this trip on his personal website.

Even better, I think, is a related collection by Bian Ka.


Dream Like Tibet photos – copyright © 2002 Bian Ka

And more terrific captures by Maphis Cheng.

More photos – copyright © 2002 Maphis Cheng.

It’s well worth the time clicking through some of these photo pages.

China and Tibet are HUGE. The hiking possibilities boggle the mind.

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