proposal – voluntary Park entrance fees

Good idea.

This would work.

Park Remark quoting Scott Silver:

… I outlined legislation for what I thought would be a positive park fee system. In my mind, the fees would be VOLUNTARY with suggested fees being posted at entrance stations. People could give what was posted, or more — or less, as they chose.

No one would ever be turned away.

In all probability, most people would pay the suggested amount and if the suggested amount was a bit less than $20, for example, many people would hand over the $20 and say “keep the change.” Some would, I expect, offer $10 and say “I’m sorry, I’m on a very limited budget and would like to pay more but this is all I can afford”. Some would pay nothing. So be it.

In my proposal, the park that collected the fee would get to keep only a modest percent of the gate receipts — perhaps 25 – 35% and the cost of collection would have to be paid from THAT percentage. …

There would be NO fee compliance enforcement.

There would thus be NO COST associated with fee compliance enforcement.

An Alternative to the Current NPS Entrance Fees

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