traverse the Chilean Andes – Sendero de Chile

The proposed Sendero de Chile hiking trail system will stretch the entire length of Chile, from the northern border to the tip of South America. A total of more than 9,700km (6000mi) of trekking paths.

A main trail is being built to connect existing trails in Chile. It will cross some of the great remaining wilderness areas of the world.

Hard core through hikers will be interested. But it seems only about 25% of the proposed route exists today.

There is not much information available yet. The best source of information is

One Reply to “traverse the Chilean Andes – Sendero de Chile”

  1. well, it’s truth, yet there is not very much information about this project, but in the website of project, you can find very much information (in spanish) about it.


    (I’m sorry by my english).

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