The (almost) Ultimate Arches Loop

… Getting a back-country permit at Arches is strange. They come just shy of discouraging backpacking and it was apparent that they don’t have many people asking for permits. This is likely due to the small size of the park, lack of water, and lots of absolutely pristine soil crusts (they require that you have camp set up by dusk so you don’t risk walking on soils after dark).

I started the trip at Wolfe Ranch and headed north up Salt Creek. I knew generally what route I wanted to take but had zero beta so knew there would be some adjusting on the fly. The first route change happened pretty much immediately. I had planned on going up Salt Creek and doing some exploring in Lost Creek Canyon, but the canyon above Freshwater Spring looked pretty interesting from the bottom so I decided to head up that way. …

read more on Out. Living.

Fantastic photos.

I assume I saw that linked from Hiking in Finland. Where else?

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One thought on “The (almost) Ultimate Arches Loop

  1. It is weird how close our Moab mountain biking was to the whole park… Just a little north west of the park, almost abutting it. On our ride back into Moab, we even passed the main park entrance.

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