Surviving New Zealand’s Hardest Hike – Dusky Track

Eric Leifer of National Geographic Young Explorers :

Fiordland National Park, tucked away far within New Zealand’s South Island, has the notorious claim to fame as one of the wettest locations in the southern hemisphere; and with a mean annual rainfall of 268 inches …

Throw yourself off the deep end by accepting the challenge of the country’s hardest trail, the infamous Dusky Track, an 84-kilometer route that impossibly forces its way through this impermeable landscape. …

Nat Geo


Yosemite Adventures: 50 Spectacular Hikes, Climbs, and Winter Treks

Josh Williams from Triumph Books sent me a review copy.

Author Matt Johanson is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast with extensive knowledge and experience in the Yosemite area and having personally completed every outing in his book, Johanson provides this great resource for Yosemite visitors.

Unlike the average Yosemite guide, Johanson offers a unique approach to the park. Instead of focusing solely on the popular summertime trips, Johanson presents the park as a year-round playground and includes winter adventures. Highlights include:

  • 50 intricate maps and over 100 beautiful color photos and graphics of Yosemite
  • Five categories of activities – Winter Treks, Hiking, Backpacking, Mountain Climbing, and Rock Climbing
  • A guide to hiking atop the legendary, 3,000 foot high El Capitan
  • The path to the tranquil glacier-carved Elizabeth Lake, in the shadow of Unicorn Peak
  • Details of the arduous climb of the tallest mountain at Yosemite – Mount Lyell
  • yosemite-adventures

    Looks great.

    It’s available in 4 different formats starting at $12.99.

    Outside magazine – BEST new Trail

    Via Dinarica, the Balkans

    The Dinaric Alps have 8,000-foot stegosaurus spines, fairy-tale meadows, and stone guesthouses. Decades of conflict made them tough to experience, but the area is amping up its tourist offerings, and access is improving on the new Via Dinarica. Our favorite stretch: the 600-mile White Trail, which stitches together old routes from Slovenia to Albania and follows the highest peaks. …

    2014 Travel Awards: Best New Trail


    on Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

    ramblin’ boy:

    The Tibetan belief is that  the winds blow the positive energy of the prayers and chants imprinted on the flags into the world- and into all sentient beings they touch.  As a result you’ll usually see the flags strung in high places where they can have maximum effect.

    view from the top of Kala Patthar above Everest Base Camp

    view from the top of Kala Patthar above Everest Base Camp

    … a collection of my pix with prayer flags in them. Most are taken from hikes in the Annapurna and Khumbu region of Nepal, but you’ll also find flags fluttering in Patagonia, near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, above the heads of chanting monks in Bohd Gaya in India, in the Christiania area of Copenhagen in Denmark, and in my neighbourhood above the eastern banks of the Don River in Toronto. …

    ramblin’ boy – Blowin’ In the Wind: An Appreciation of Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

    ramblin’ boy is an excellent hiking blogger. I’m working my way back through all his old posts. :-)