Lake Lovely Water Trail, B.C.

The Tantalus Range is easily viewed from the “Sea to Sky Highway” that travels from Vancouver to Squamish and Whistler.


Lake Lovely Water is a Mountaineer’s and Scrambler’s Paradise. But it’s not for the inexperienced nor ill-prepared.

There is a 6.5 km (4-6 hour) hike to Lake Lovely Water. The trail is very rugged and steep. Good route finding skills and proper equipment and clothing are required. Weather can change quickly, causing limited visibility.

There are steep and rugged established trails leading from the cabin towards Niobe Meadows (approximately 2.5km one-way) and Lambda Lake Meadows (approximately 3.5km one-way).

BC Parks

Access to the Lake Lovely Water trail requires crossing the Squamish River. Jetboat service may be available out of Brackendale. Or you could chopper out of Squamish Airport direct to a hut. Contact Omega Aviation 604-898-1067 or Black Tusk Helicopters 604-898-4800.

I’ve heard of hikers canoeing across. And even walking across cable car lines.

By reservation only, you could stay at either Tantalus Hut on the Lake (3850ft) or Jim Haberl Hut (6800ft).

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how did the rodent get in my car?

I parked overnight at the Cheakamus Lake trailhead near Whistler B.C.

Vandals have been known to break into vehicles here, so I was careful to lock up tight.

On my return, I found that a bag of sunflower seeds had been worked over by some kind of critter.

rodent in the car

There’s a slight risk of Hantavirus, of course. Not good.

I’d never before heard of rodents gaining entrance to a locked car. Leave a comment if you’ve heard of this in the past.

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Loggers Lake – Whistler, BC, Canada

On a trail run/hike out of my residence, Whistler’s Athletes Lodge, I passed this pretty volcanic crater lake.

You can’t lose hiking near Whistler B.C.

It’s all good.

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One of the easier Whistler, BC, Canada lakes to access by walking a short distance. But, be aware, the distance to the lake may be short but the steep climb to the lake is not easy. … mainly loose rocks following a deactivated road, now hiking and mountain biking trail, for 350 metres.

Loggers Lake – Whistler, BC, CanadaLogger’s Lake, considered a watershed, is a small lake surrounded by trees and rock formations located in the Whistler Interpretive Forest. …

Loggers Lake Trail – Whistler, BC, Canada

cycling Lost Lake, Whistler B.C.

Whistler Ski Resort is a cycling mecca in the summer.

There’s something for everyone within a very short radius.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Rockin’ Ronnie and I thoroughly enjoyed the medium difficulty network around Lost Lake. (The one short black trail we tried was too technical.)

Lost Lake cycling map

A great day. Next time we plan to try the easier downhill tracks off the ski lift. :-)


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