Expedition Alaska Adventure Race

I’m planning to volunteer for Dave Adlard’s NEXT expedition race. Social media. Photos. Video.

June 28th – July 4th, 2015.

Over almost 7 days, teams will undertake a 340 – 600 km (200 – 350 miles) expedition over some of the most beautiful, epic and challenging terrain on Earth.

Racers will use a map, compass and their own wits to navigate their way over a (mostly) unmarked route by mountain biking, rafting, paddling, trekking, canyoneering, coasteering, glacier travel, orienteering, trail running, fixed ropes, and a few other surprises through the amazing expanse of Alaska’s Kenai peninsula!


Expedition Alaska

Danny MacAskill’s Solar Eclipse

On Friday March 20th a Solar Eclipse plunged Europe into darkness. Photographer Rutger Pauw teamed up with Danny MacAskill to capture the moment on Danny’s homeland, the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

With just one small window of opportunity to get the shot he had dreamed about, Rutger and the team spent days scouring to select the perfect location. This clip gives a unique behind the scenes look at how they found the spot and how they managed to capture one of the most creative shots of the year.


Click PLAY or watch the story behind this photo on YouTube.

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NEW Venture 30 Goal Zero Phone and Tablet Recharger

I’ve been waiting for the technology to get light enough. Durable enough. Reasonably priced enough.

Has my time finally come?

CES 2015 First Look

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’d pair that with a Nomad 7. Should be enough juice for everything I’d want to do on any long hike.

8.8oz (.25kg) Venture 30 Recharger $99.99

12.8oz (.36kg) Nomad 7 Solar Panel $79.99

1.35 pounds (.61kg) $180 total

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this.

Sawback Trail – Banff to Lake Louise

Sawback Trail:

74 km; elevation gain: 734 m

This trip takes you over three spectacular mountain passes. The trail traverses a good portion of Banff National Park, linking the town of Banff with the hamlet of Lake Louise.

Trailheads are located at Mt. Norquay ski area and the Fish Creek trailhead. Portions of this area are frequented by commercially guided horse trips. There are many camping options–a possible 7-day itinerary is provided here.

… Gem Trek recreational map:Banff and Mount Assiniboine …


Like most people, I’ve only rarely hiked the east side of the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park. All the famous hikes are on the west side.

My next big hike there will be Sawback. You can do it without a vehicle as there’s good public transport to and from Banff and Lake Louise.

Mt Edith

Mt Edith

Barbara Martin did 11 days in this area in 2009.