carrying furniture on the PCT?

Kolby Kirk is quoted. So this must be true. :-)

… due to the recent success of the book and movie “Wild”, many hikers have expressed fears that the trail will become overcrowded with Oprah Winfrey fans wearing enormous backpacks and ill-fitting boots with red shoelaces. …

The 2014 hiking season saw a dramatic rise not only in the number of hikers on the PCT, but also in the number of hikers apparently carrying large pieces of furniture.

“There was a couch at Scissors Crossing, and another one outside of Big Bear,” said Renee “SheRa” Patrick, “I can only imagine that they were carried there by hikers and abandoned when they realized that couches are too heavy for a thru-hike. I mean, a section hike, sure. Maybe somewhere in Oregon. But in the desert? It’s crazy.” …

“Wild” Debates About PCT Overcrowding (Part One)

recliner PCT

Fitz Roy vs. Torres del Paine

Of the two best hikes in Patagonia, which should you trek?

… you can’t decide between El Chalten (Argentina) and Torres del Paine (Chile), the self-proclaimed “trekking capitals” of their respective countries …

The good news is you can’t go wrong. Both options provide incredible access to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you’ll ever see.

We can’t really recommend one over the other purely based on natural beauty as they are both equally stunning national parks. However, there are definitely distinct differences between the two trekking meccas that may push you toward one or the other. Here are some things to think about based on our experience in both locations that will help you decide (although the best decision is to do both!)

The Best Trekking in Patagonia – El Chalten vs. Torres del Paine

Laguna de los Tres, El Chalten

Laguna de los Tres, El Chalten

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

Do both. With a sidetrip to the Perito Moreno Glacier.


High Coast Trail, Sweden

The High Coast (Swedish: Höga kusten) is a part of the coast of Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia

… since the last ice age the land has risen 800m, which accounts for the unusual landscape with tall cliff formations. The High Coast is part of the Swedish/Finnish High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago world heritage site (the High Coast was extended with Finnish Kvarken areas in 2006). …

The Höga Kustenleden is a 128 kilometer long trail along the High Coast. …

Hiking in Finland has a superb trip report of a late Autumn adventure:

The scenic trail passes through villages & towns, along the coast, through the forest and a beautiful National Park and if you have a free week makes for a great walk along the Swedish coastal hills. …

Högakustenleden – the High Coast Trail


Beautiful photos. :-)

Click PLAY or watch a 3min clip taken during milder weather on YouTube.

Charity trips: Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro

If you’ve always wanted to get to either of these superb trekking destinations, check this opportunity.

June 2015: Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for Education

July 2015: Kilimanjaro Climb for Education

Make a Difference Now organizes trips to help raise funds and awareness for education in developing nations. :-)

Mad Charity Kili Machu Picchu

details –

Thanks to Theresa Grant for the link.

Grizzly Lake, Tombstone Mountains, Yukon

Hike Bike Travel:

If you’re looking for world-class mountain scenery, in an area that doesn’t get a lot of attention, then head to the Tombstone Mountain Range in the Yukon Territory. Starting at KM 58.5 on the Dempster Highway, the three to five day backpacking trip takes you first to Grizzly Lake, and then to Divide and Talus Lakes. It’s a wild, desolate, truly memorable landscape. …

The landscape though, is extraordinary – and I can safely say like nowhere else you’ve seen. 

Try to arrange your trip for  late August when the boreal forest and alpine meadows combine to deliver a rainbow of fall colours. But go prepared for cold temperatures and snow. I had both. …



A Hike to Grizzly Lake in the Tombstone Mountains