#1 tool for your hikes?

Morry-Knows-Multitools-Logo-copy654Morry Banes surveyed hiking bloggers with a simple question:

What’s the no.1 tool for your hikes?

I like this answer better than my own:

Chad Poindexter from Sticksblog.com:

In my opinion, the “no. 1 tool for hikes” (for anyone) is the tool between their ears.

Before anyone steps out for a hike, a backpacking trip, or anything in which they will be away from immediate help, one should take the time to learn about what they are getting themselves into.

Look at maps, at weather forecasts, and how much use the area gets. …

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Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Once you’ve been up on the Roof of Africa in the Ethiopian Highlands, you won’t want to come down

Jemima Sissons:

… I spent my first few days in Ethiopia exploring the capital, Addis Ababa, then caught a flight to Gondar in the north, where I met Mulat and our driver, Melsie Nuru, and started preparing for our four-day, 50-kilometer trek across the Simien Mountains.

The Chinese-built roads make the three-hour drive to the base camp at Sankaber an easy whiz through lush pastures and past goat herds weaving their way across the road, oblivious to traffic. Soon the roads give way to dirt tracks, and after leaving the final village, the real adventure begins. It is unimaginable to contemplate this stretch without an SUV, as we lurch from side to side through unfathomably deep mud, on a number of occasions jolting within a hair’s breadth of the precipitous edge.

When the car finally stops, the cook and driver go off to set up camp, while my guide and I begin our trek. …

Take a Hike Across Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains

Wild Horses Monument, WA

The trail leads out of the parking area and climbs steeply to the fifteen surprisingly lifelike horse sculptures. These beauties stand on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River. Constructed out of welded steel plates, they are the work of Spokane artist David Govedare. The tempered steel ponies were put on the bluff in 1989 for Washington State’s Centennial Celebration. …

Washington Trails Association

Rick Wild Horses Monument


treking Iceland north to south

A short video showing some of the highlights of our traverse of Iceland during the summer of 2014. It took us 21 days to cross about 500km from the northern shore at Hraunhafnartangi to the southern coast at Skogar. …

We had 2 food parcels on the route – one in myvatn and another in landmannnalaugar. This meant the maximum amount of food we had to carry was 12 days giving a backpack weight of between 15 and 25kgs. We also got caught in a storm in the highlands midway through and had to use our SPOT device to get picked up by Iceland’s amazing Search and Rescue volunteers …

(via Hiking in Finland)